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Auckland art shows forced to move online

August 21, 2020

Auckland art shows forced to move online

Janice Napper’s art dries out in her Auckland studio as she prepares for an online showing. Photo: Supplied

The Auckland Art Show's in-person event has been cancelled with exhibitions moved online due to uncertainty around Covid-19.

The event had around 130 artists registered to exhibit with another 20 sending work in remotely.  It was a highlight on the Auckland arts calendar for both the artists and show guests.

The decision follows other art shows that have also had to make the move to an online setting, most notably the Baradene Art show. Now in its 31st year, the event will be held online on Friday.

Auckland Art Show organiser Kate Morrison ran the Christchurch event online in June, and says they had a backup plan for the Auckland show due to be held next month.

“We went forward into Auckland knowing that this was a possibility.

“We had already sort of started the online process because we knew we had to have a backup,” says Morrison.

She says they aim to offer viewers an immersive experience that is as close to the real show as they can get.

“We run an event, not an online gallery. So, we try to make the online show as close to a live event as we can possibly make it.”

Auckland artist Janice Napper says that some artists may struggle with the hurdles of displaying their work online.

“Going online, I think some artists won’t be able to do that.

“You’ve got to produce videos and you’ve got to get together, you know, multiple photos of artwork to try and show it in its best light,” she says.

Napper says this poses a new challenge for her fellow artists.

“It’s made us go down areas that we wouldn’t normally do with original art.”

However, she says there are positives to going online, especially for people who want purchase art from the show.

“I think people who do have the confidence to buy will be pleasantly surprised that they liked the piece, but I think they will love it when they get it,” says Napper.

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