Fix your bike and help save the planet

August 23, 2022

Fix your bike and help save the planet

Bikes parked at AUT city campus. Photo: Celia Whitley

Get out your lycra and jump back on that bike - you'll find help if you need it at AUT's free bike maintenance events.

AUT, in conjunction with Auckland Transport and Bigfoot Adventures, is offering workshops at its city campus to promote sustainable commuting.

During the one-hour workshop at Hikuwai Plaza, mechanics will be on site to help students and staff with basic information on wheels, brakes, punctures, gears, and can answer any questions.

AUT’s director of sustainability, Lucy McKenzie, says the events are to support students and staff who cycle to university, and to help them to keep themselves and their bikes safe.

“You can bring your bike, and they can help you fix it. They’ve also got bikes on site to use for demonstrations,” said McKenzie.

The next event will be on Wednesday, October 5. The event runs for an hour, allowing for drop-ins.

Liam West and Lucy McKenzie from AUT Sustainability. Photo: Celia Whitley

The bike maintenance workshops were organised by AUT sustainability graduate Liam West.

“It’s lots of knowledge that people don’t have and the sessions can really make a difference for those that cycle,” said West.

Alongside the bike maintenance workshops, students are invited to get out and about Auckland city on a free guided e-bike tour, thanks to Auckland Transport.

“Next Bike are sending us instructors who supervise these guided tours around Auckland City,” said West.

An AUT student is shown how to take care of his bike. Photo: supplied

E-bikes and helmets will be provided, and most of the ride will be on off-road bike paths or low-traffic roads.

The first ride will take place on Wednesday, August 24, with two sessions across the day. Another e-bike ride is planned for October. Register for the free E-bike rides here.

The cycling events are part of AUT's work towards its Sustainability Roadmap to 2025.

In a 2021 survey, which asked students how they commute to and from campus, less than one per cent said they cycled or rode an e-bike to AUT's city campus. In comparison, two per cent of students cycle or ride an e-bike to AUT's North Shore campus.

AUT hopes that 85 per cent of staff and students eventually will use sustainable travel to and from university. This would include walking, cycling, public transport, shuttle buses and carpooling.

You can find out more about the sustainability events at AUT’s Student Hub Online, or on the AUT Facebook page .

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